About Me

I am well educated, business professional, with a MSc in Project Management.  I worked for several years in the Telco industry and made a 6 figure salary.  I put up with the BS of the corporate world and enjoyed what I did because I was actually helping companies improve their communication systems and save them money.

I took an extensive break to be a stay at home mom because I could.  Went through a horrible divorce paid all my savings to lawyers, incurred debt to lawyers and when it was time to re-enter the rat race, I found out that it wasn’t so easy.

I have been employed reasonably well but no where near my earlier career days.  I am still not sure why the corporate world does not see the value in education and previous experience. It just goes to show you that the world is changing and it is more important then ever to find your own way.

I have tried various MLM programs, spent lots of money and really made no earnings.  I never could figure out how to recruit.  Was promised by some heavy hitters that they would help but to no avail, once I signed up, paid up…  I always found that there was yet another fee to pay for a “new funnel system” that would guarantee leads while I slept.

I became very disillusioned with the whole process.

Over the years, I have continued to look and researched different people and different approaches.

I know that there is a way and maybe I have found an open door, maybe this time opportunity is really knocking.

Thanks for Reading.

Peace, Love and Prosperity,