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My Complete B-Epic Review


In May I was introduced to this little green capsule.  You see I have been looking for an mlm company to add to my online venture.  My criteria was to find a solid health and nutritional company with a high quality health product for the masses, the product also had to be affordable, as most mlm autoships are part of the plan and it had to be backed by a reputable owner.

I believe that you have to be a product of the product if you are truly going to be able to stand by your product.  If you cannot honestly say “I LOVE THIS LITTLE GREEN PILL”.  Then you shouldn’t be in this business.

Simple Right.

Here’s my review:

Three critieria I looked for:

  1. Product
  2. Company
  3. Compensation Plan

B-Epic Product – Elev8

“The company’s products must be visual, emotional, consumable, essential, and affordable and people would want to buy them and share them whether they’ll be making money or not.” –David T.S. Wood

A successful network marketing company should have great products in its portfolio that is:

Visual – results or effect of the product must be seen with the naked eye.

Emotional – people will share the products because they love and enjoy using it.

Consumable – consumers would use the products regularly.

Essential – the products must address the problems that consumers are facing such as obesity, lack of energy, stress reduction, positive mood enhancer, memory booster, mental clarity.

Affordable – anyone can afford the products.

Check out the ingredients:
















There’s more information about these amazing products here

B-Epic Price Point – Elev8 is Affordable

I love MLM; however, sometimes the price point for product is outrageous!

Check out this pricing:

  1. $24.95 – 10 capsules (really a sampler)
  2. $49.95 – 30 capsules (1 month supply ~ autoship starts here)
  3. $89.95 – 70 capsules (Leadership Pack)

B-Epic The Company Leadership

At the helm of B-Epic is CEO, Eric Caprarese.

The man is passionate about the health and wellness industry and is a successful network marketer as well.  He knows the industry and what is required to be successful.  He designed the product to be Global (easy to ship).  It’s already available in 180 countries!

He designed a superior product that is affordable to the masses.  Check out the video below:

The B-Epic Compensation Plan – It’s Epic

First off, to build any business online or offline you need commitment and the ability to work hard to reach your goals.

With that said, B-Epic has a seven ways to earn compensation plan which pays a 50% fast-start bonus on the first month of any customer or distributor enrollment.

You can also earn six other ways: Two-Team Pay, Sponsoring Matching Bonus, Generation Matching Bonus, Global Bonus Pool and Car Bonus.

For a detailed look at the compensation plan, click here

You can also check out this Webinar below:

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