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Using False Negative Reviews to Promote Your Business

For those who know me, I am usually and uber positive person.  However; on occasion, I feel that I have to assert myself.  This is one of those moments.

So, here’s the deal.  In network/affiliate marketing we are inundated with the never ending offers of new business opportunities, promises of wealth (which we know, if you’ve been in the trenches, to be a pile of pooh), next best thing, guaranteed way to get more leads, newest, hottest product ever!  You get it right…

If you are open minded, entrepreneurial and always looking for a little more, you will do your research.  It’s not just research, it’s called due diligence.  You’ll want to look at the company, the leaders, the offer/product, the compensation plan, how long they’ve been in business, they’re track record, etc.  You will also want to determine if it fits in with who you are and your overall offering.

Recently, I’ve been looking into three different companies, one has been around for 12 yrs, one is 9 yrs old and the other is just a little over a year old.  I am looking for a better training/mentoring format for me, because I feel that I am still missing something.

I am not a guru, I am well educated at the master’s degree level, had a really successful (6 figures) in sales in the hi-tech industry.  Took a 10 year break to be a mom and now it’s as though I’ve been cursed by leaving the work force ~ or is it a blessing in disguise??  Don’t get me wrong staying home for the first 6 years of my daughter’s life… Best thing that I could have ever done.

Back to the subject, as I am doing my research on my 3 companies.  I constantly run into “false negative reviews” and guess what they are all the same, verbatim.  AND… they are all coming from the same company.  One author, on his blog, comments, “Be awesome, share this post and help someone”… WTF????  Dude! You’re not helping, you’re bashing and it does not look good.  Guess what?  It’s one of the opportunities that I am researching.

These “so called” reviews, are written to promote their opportunity.  This is a huge turn-off.  Let me tell you why.  In my former career, I learned to never bash the competition, EVER!  It makes you look bad, unprofessional and negative.

So why in an industry that is plagued with a negative imagine would you further tarnish the reputation of something of value to you?

It’s okay to do reviews, providing they are ethical, provide value and honest.  Don’t use it to bash another company so that you can promote your business.  It’s wrong.

I believe that this is a great industry, and the industry of the 21st Century.  As so eloquently written by Robert Kiyosaki in his book The Business of The 21st Century.  Negative reviews hurt us, so keep it positive and this industry will thrive.

  1. Use clean tactics on social media.
  2. Do not defame other companies
  3. Stand behind what you represent
  4. Be honest
  5. Treat everyone with respect

So that’s my rant for today and I hope that it provided a  better outlook for your future endeavous!

As always, Peace, Love and Prosperity,


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