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Welcome to my New Blog…

I’ve tried blogging before and had a little review site for MPA on Blogger and most of us know what happened with MPA and Traffic Monsoon.  Paypal froze their accounts.  It was a bummer, because I was starting to build a decent little biz.  Not to despair, it’s always part of the risk.

This was also a good time for me to take a break and revisit my plan or lack of a plan.

I did revisit and what I found was that I had not really been doing things right. My list building was for shit, I was using GetResponse but not really learning the process of campaign preparation and the power behind an autoresponder.

I didn’t really get that promoting your opportunity using someone else’s funnel or affiliate links didn’t help to brand me.

I did understand the importance of traffic but I wasn’t really sure how to use it.

I did some studying and hooked up with different people, mentors, gurus, if you will.  I also cut out some people, mentors, gurus because I was disappointed with how they were abusing their list.  That is to say, it looks like greed became their main motivator (my opinion).  What I mean by that is that I found them promoting sketchy things because they could make a quick buck from their massive list.

Overall, I think I’m in a pretty good place right now and with this blog, I hope to be able to share some insights as I venture further into my journey to Achieve ‘n’ Success on the Net…

Peace, Love and Prosperity,





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