One Small Positive Thought… and Smile!

I believe I am a positive person at the best of times and even the worst of times (mostly, after all I am human :-)!)

Now my 11 year old daughter is a GRUMP in the morning.  Not on occasion, I am talking most of the time.  She usually snaps out of it after breakfast.

This morning, she bounced into the kitchen smiling and cheerful.  I said “Hey Darlin’, you’re cheery this morning.”  To which she replied, “I had a good thought when I woke up and it made me smile.”

Wow, so that’s how the power of positive thinking works and if it can move my little CrAbigail, just think of what it can do for You!

Kids are great for us to have around as reminders of how little things can be so powerful… so keep in mind that

onesmall thought

Have a positively, great day!

Peace, Love and Prosperity,


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