The Magic Of Thinking Big!

Cure Yourself of Excusitis…


Well, it is a “Mindful Monday” and what better way to get started than with a new book for the week.

The Magic of Thinking Big – by David Schwartz, a recent read for me. ¬†It’s an older book; however, it is by far one of the easiest reads (at least for me) that helps with the concept of changing your mindset.

The title itself “cure yourself of excusitis”, how many sufferers out there?

I ¬†myself could have a PhD in Excuses, I’ve used them all.

Now, I am on a better path and for those that are seeking… grab it, I’ve posted a link for the pdf here

If you are still looking to start earning online, this is what I am following:

Read a Book, Learn to think and apply it.

Have a great day, because you can,

Peace, Love and Prosperity,


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