WTF Wednesday… My Paying Ads Update!

Chasing Those Elusive AdPacks


Hello All, I Hope that you are all feeling Great Now!

If not, start feeling better ๐Ÿ™‚

I just wanted to do a quick post about MPA and adpacks…

As you know, you should be purchasing more adpacks per day with your earnings until you reach your goal.

Whatever, that goal is. ย The funny things with adpacks is that they do expire, averaging 60 days…(no guarantee).

At some point you get to a place where you just can’t repurchase enough and you are chasing the expiring adpacks.

What a pain in the ass place to be! ย It’s frustrating, demotivating and plain old crazy.

You must continue to FOCUS and Be Consistent to reach your goal…

You may even have to add some fresh funds to get you over that hump… but you will get there

Just never give up… keep going… check out my video on my status and pushing to get over the hump…

Think Big Kids… because if you think you can, yep, I’m pretty sure you can,

Peace, Love and Prosperity,


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